Community Lottery Funding

Please see a promotional video we have made for the Rushmoor Lottery Funding.
Farnborough Bowling club has raised £2,400 in the 3 years we have supported this cause. You will see from the video that we have received substantial funding to improve the club and receive on average £60 a month from the lottery sales.

If you would like to support the club and Rushmoor Community check out our FBC Page

Club open to try bowls


We are now able to offer people the chance to try bowls in a safe environment. We are J - Lovely shortsoffering some free one hour sessions with one of our coaches. If you would like to try bowls with no obligation or cost then fill in the request form below and one of our coaches will call you to arrange

Not sure then visit our new bowler page for more information.

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Coaching is available weekdays from 12:15 and from 10:15 weekends. Please give some dates and times you are available and one of our coaches will contact you to arrange.

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Great response since we opened

We have now been open for 2 weeks and have had 34 Members enjoying a total of 136 roll ups. Brilliant support from our members.  A green steward is in attendance for each pre-booked session to offer advice and carry out all the sanitisation.  It has been hard work but worth all the effort seeing bowlers doing something constructive after the long lock down and enjoying this great game again


COVID-19 Impact on our Club

It is clear from all of the news that the start of the competitive bowling season will be delayed, by how much we don’t know so we have to plan for the worst but hope for the best.  Even a short delay of the season will have a major financial impact on the club. We have some reserves in the bank but we require the support and loyalty of our members to make sure we are in a strong position when this is all over.
Our initial proposals taking into account guidelines from Bowls England and Bowls Hampshire
  • Priority is given to funding the health of the green and security of the club premises.  We think we can keep the green open for roll ups as long as the social contact guidelines and travel restrictions are observed and need it to be in good condition when restrictions are lifted
  • No unnecessary expenditures (other than the above priority)
  • All of the improvements we had planned, as reported at the Spring Meeting, to be put on hold for at least 12 Months, until we know how our reserves stand post virus.
  • Plans ready for running the club competition whenever we are allowed to
  • Plans ready to reschedule friendlies later in the year, we have 11 free dates 
  • Investigate if we can get financial help (i.e. Rent holiday, etc.)