Aldershot & District

Games are played on a Tuesday Evening. Dress is Greys with club shirts.  Teams are selected on Wednesdays. Go to the What’s On page and click on the calendar entry for a map of away games

2B Team v Pyestock 'B'Away6.00pmGreysWon 4-1
9A Team v Pyestock 'A'Away6.00pmGreysWon 4-1
9B Team v Aldershot Traction 'B'Away6.00pmGreysLost 1-4
16A Team v Cove 'C'Away6.00pmGreysWon 4-1
16B Team v Mytchett 'B'Away6.00pmGreysLost 0-5
23A Team v Farnborough GateAway6.30 pmGreysWon 4-1
23B team v West End 'B'Away6.30 pmGreysLost 1-4
30A Team v Odiham & North WarnboroughAway6.30 pmGreysWon 4-1
30B Team v Aldershot UnderwoodAway6.30 pmGreysLost 1-4
6A Team v Tongham 'B'Away6.30pmGreysWon 4-1
6B Team v Mytchett 'C'Home6.30pmGreysWon 4-1
13A Team v HawleyAway6.30pmGreysWon 5-0
13B Team v Fleet SocialAway6.30pmGreysLost 1-4
20A Team v Yateley 'B'Home6.30pmGreysWon 4-1
20B Team v Yateley'C'Home6.30pmGreysLost 1-4
27A Team v Pyestock 'A'Home6.30pmGreysWon 4-1
27B Team v Pyestock 'B'Home6.30pmGreysWon 5-0
4A Team v Cove'C'Home6.30pmGreysWon 5-0
4B Team v Aldershot Traction 'B'Home6.30pmGreysWon 4-1
11A Team v Farnborough GateHome6.30pmGreysAbandoned
11B Team v Mytchett'B'Home6.30pmGreysAbandoned
18A Team v ODiham & North WarnboroughHome6.30pmGreysWon 5-1
18B Team v West End'B'Home6.30pmGreysLost 1-4
25A Team v Tongham 'B'Home6.30pmGreys
25B Team v Aldershot UnderwoodHome6.30pmGreys
1A Team v HawleyHome6.00pmGreys
1B Team v Mytchett 'C'Away6.00pmGreys
8A Team v Yateley 'B''Away6.00pmGreys
8B Team v Fleet SocialHome6.00pmGreys
15B Team v Yateley 'C'Away6.00pmGreys
22B Team v Fleet United 'B'Home6.00pmGreys
29B Team v Fleet United 'B'Away6.00pmGreys

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Representatives:David Bartram & Harrison Ash
A Team Selection:Geoff Chadd & Harrison Ash
B Team Selection:David Bartram & Mick Browne