Green Information

 Green opening times.

DayOpen TimeColour
Monday11:30 *Green
Wednesday11:30 *Red
Friday11:30 *Yellow
Bank Holiday10:00--

*  The green is not scheduled to be opened until 11:30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as the mornings are reserved for green and/or ditch maintenance. Roll ups are permitted before 11:30am if the green is clear but if you do start to play and the Green Keeper arrives you must leave the green until he is finished. In unavoidable circumstances and where there are no other times available, Club Competitions may start earlier providing ALL parties agree and understand that the game may be interrupted by green work. District, County and National competitions CANNOT be scheduled before 11:30 am except in exceptional situation and a concession has been obtained form the Green Manager.

Rink booking.

Rinks for competitions are booked in the diary held in the clubhouse. The direction of play can be found from the diary and the opening time and colour from the table above. Rinks cannot be booked for roll ups.

Changing playing colour of the day

Rules about changing the colour are available here

Rink congestion

Explanation and guidance on resolving rink congestion is available here.

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