President’s Day 2024

Some photos, from Saturday’s President’s day. A lot of fun playing BOWLF, see notes from Sheila.
A big thanks to Graeme, Terry and Martin for organising such a great day of fun, bowls and food.

Eat your heart out Bowls England, Farnborough Bowling Club have invented a new activity to attract budding bowlers to the sport, BOWLF, a cross between bowling and golf, essentially an obstacle course, using any old equipment, planks of wood (lots of clubs have planks lurking about in their sheds), bruise mats, found a use for them at last, old wine boxes that have been using up valuable space in the bar, you name it, our TAG team (aka Terry and Graeme) and Reece the Drill can turn anything lurking in sheds/clubhouses into an obstacle course.  Even redundant bar stools, broken chairs, old buckets, old underwear, road/police cones, talk about recycling!
a. Prepariing 1

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