Nell Rumble 13th August

1993 was Nell Rumble’s 40th year as a member of our club. To mark the occasion we held a special day for her, for which she kindly donated a super shield.
The Two Wood Triples has been a fixture for us ever since and this year marked its 30th anniversary.
We had a super day with good bowling and every team won at least one match.

The top two teams met in a deciding game at the end of the day. With one end to go points won from league games were level and shot difference was equal. It was all on the last end with Graham Thomas, Martin Lee and Barry Lee having their best end of the game scoring 3 shots and winning the Shield.


The runners-up were Terry Radford, Rachel Powell and Jack Markham.

Thanks go to everyone who supported this competition.



Winners Martin, Barry & Grahamimage_50420481

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