Killer Bowls 22/23rd August

The Killer Bowls weekend took place on 22/23 August – there were 42 entrants. Due to Covid restrictions, the tournament was held over two days in four separate sessions.

It was billed as “Something Different” and it certainly was – it was amazing the different atmospheres that were created by each session, some  more serious than others, some had a lot more long measures and the noise level varied greatly between them.

Congratulations to everyone that took part and I hope you all enjoyed. This tournament was designed to be light-hearted and I sure it was.

The finalists on Saturday morning were Alison Perry, Chrissie Cook, Tony Fenby; Saturday afternoon Michael Andrews, Barbara Ford, Graham Thomas; Sunday morning Mick Browne, John Hildreth and Sunday afternoon (the noisy lot) Steve Wood, Martin Lee, Allan Paice.

Below are photos of the section winners who received a bottle of wine. The winners were John Hildreth, Martin Lee, Alison Perry, Michael Andrews.



image4 IMG_0738

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