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We are now able to offer people the chance to try bowls in a safe environment. We are J - Lovely shortsoffering some free one hour sessions with one of our coaches. If you would like to try bowls with no obligation or cost then fill in the request form below and one of our coaches will call you to arrange

Not sure then visit our new bowler page for more information.

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Coaching is available Most Saturdays from 27th April - 10:00 (other times may be available). Please give some dates and times you are available and one of our coaches will contact you to arrange.

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Recruitment continues apace

The Bowls Development Alliance are delighted to report that rates of recruitment through BDA funded activity has more than doubled in the past six months. Between April 2013 and April 2014, BDA funded activity resulted in 1,706 new people, aged 55 and over, regularly participating in the sport of bowls. In the six months since, over 1,900 new people, aged 55 and over, have taken up the sport. Susan Cooper, Development Director for the BDA said “this is extremely encouraging news for our sport and testament to the clubs, coaches and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to recruit so many new people into bowls. This news also inspires great confidence that the work of the BDA and its partners is having a positive impact.”

Free coaching for new bowlers

Farnborough Bowling Club are offering coaching session for new bowlers on Saturday morning and Thursday evening from April 19th 2014.
The club will supply bowls and other equipment and one of our coaches will show you the basics. You only need to wear a flat pair of shoes
If you are interested, please feel in the request form or visit the new bowler page for more information


Coaching update issued by Bowls England

Coaching update issued by Bowls England

The following update has been produced by Bowls England to ensure all members are fully aware of the current position and our commitment to the provision of coaching at all levels within the sport.

Coach Bowls/English Bowls Coaching Scheme (EBCS)

The Coach Bowls scheme, which is offered through the Bowls Development Alliance (BDA), is the only bowls coaching scheme that is supported by Bowls England, in association with the English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd (EIBA Ltd) and the English Short Mat Bowls Association (ESMBA). The bodies are working together to develop a suite of Accredited Qualifications and Continual Professional Development opportunities for the bowls coaching community. This is being achieved in consultation with coaches on the ground to develop a system that meets the needs of bowlers and coaches alike.

The EBCS is not supported by Bowls England, EIBA Ltd or the ESMBA as the three bodies are in full support of the BDA’s Coach Bowls scheme. However Bowls England fully recognises the valuable work that members of the EBCS continue to do and the qualifications of any members of the EBCS who wish to join the Coach Bowls scheme will be recognised.

When the Coach Bowls Qualifications are in place, EBCS coaches will be able to bridge their current accreditation level to the new Qualification with as simple a process as possible.

The Coach Bowls Membership Scheme

The BDA Coach Bowls membership scheme provides insurance, support and benefits to all levels of coaches. By joining the BDA Coach Bowls Membership scheme you are actively supporting all of the work we do, helping to invest in the development of bowls coaching and supporting the future of the sport from grass roots to elite.

For more information please see:
BDA National Contacts
Coaching Manager – Bowls Development Alliance
Amanda Scriven-Purcell
T: 07879 631916
Business Support Officer – Bowls Development Alliance
Chris Parkin
T: 01664 484926
via Official site of the National Governing Body for Outdoor Flat Green Bowls in England.