Hampshire County Games Selection

The following clarifies the selection criteria for Hampshire County Games.

Full County Games vs other Counties – Only open to full County Badged players. We currently only have 6 who qualify from our club.

County Representative Games vs Touring sides and London Welsh/Scotish/Southern Counties etc – Open to players recommended by their club. Clubs have various criteria for being recommended by their club, the most common being they have won at least one singles competition at their club. Farnborough Bowling Club recommend those that have won the men’s singles, club singles or men’s and club two wood.

President Games vs Club sides – Open to any club member.

County Badge

To obtain a County Badge you need to have either 4 County Points, or 2 County and 6 Personal points.

County points are from representative games (1 point) or reaching certain rounds of County competitions in singles, pairs, triples or rinks competitions. 1 point is awarded for being runner up in the area final, 2 for a County quarter final, 3 for a County semifinal and 4 for the County Champions.

Personal points are from winning Club single gender, Club Open or Club 2 wood Singles (21 ends) Championship. Or from A&D (Men) and BWV (Ladies) single gender singles competitions, all since 2008 are taken into account. I don’t think anyone new qualifies for a County badge at present as most of our club winners are already County badge holders.

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