Eastbourne Bowls Tour Poem

                                          EASTBOURNE 2018.

Michael and Sheila our two fearless club leaders came up with a wonderful notion
Have a bowls tour to Eastbourne in September 18 and soon put the wheels into motion.
They e-mailed our members to get a feed back
If we still used a postman, he would need a big sack

Michael and Sheila were leaders of the pack with Harrison so keen to go
Mick Moorcroft and Joan were soon signing up and Mick B was also in tow.
Dave Bartram and Gillian, they also came too
With Dave’s brother Alan and his lady wife Sue

Bob Turner and Rosemary from Farnborough Gate
With Ann and with Mary, now these two were great
The Blythe’s Andy and Sharon from Underwood
And Charles and Joyce said that they also would

Social members Anne Buddle & Cheree we met,
And Barbara Sharman, how could we forget
Brenda, Edith and Cindy were there for the fun
Geoff Ringrose, well, he came just for the sun.

Arthur and Pam the Pages by name
Are the Crazy Golf winners and milking the fame.
Pauline with Paul Sainsbury both joined the club
Paul was just brilliant at night in the pub.

Bob Savory with Judy and Alec
Three stars from the bowling brigade
It was great that Bob, Judy and me
Were the only winners at The Parade

The big day arrived and the sun it did shine
We all boarded the coach just after nine
We got to The Langham just after midday
Our pre ordered food was delivered by tray

We had our first friendly ten minutes away
Yes, Bob, Judy and me won Hip Hip Hooray
The Langham was brilliant with breakfast and dinner
Michael and Sheila, you sure picked a winner.

We had five wonderful days of bowling
At Hailsham we were all at our best
Then on to Bexhill on Wednesday
It was there we were put to the test

Thursday saw us at Hampden
That was a sight to behold
We had a terrific time there
I’m sure we finished up all square

Friday our last day of the tour
All packed up and ready to go
One more match at Lewes for a test
Come on guys let’s give it our best

Harrison bought some new woods
The colour was a very bright yellow
He lent them to Ringrose to try them
He wrong biased, the silly old fellow.

It was really a fabulous week
The bowls and the sun shone bright
Not forgetting some great laughs, we had
With the gang in the bar at night

So, Thank you to Michael and Sheila
For all the hard work you have done
A little bird tells me it may happen again
In 2020 I’m told if we all survive it by then.

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